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Kathy Auciello, Owner - Katana Salon

Kathy is known for her exceptional skills in hair cutting and hair coloring. Kathy has always been a leader in taking fashion trends and creating a style that works for her clients. She believes in teaching her clients simple techniques to help them do their hair at home, helping to look their best every day.

Kathy has trained her staff with her unique perception, and consistently continues her own education in the beauty field.

Kathy is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality hair care to assure excellence in the salon and for at home styling.

As a young girl and teenager my hair was very difficult to manage. It took many attempts to find a stylist that could give me a great hair cut. I realized the importance of having a hairstylist the encompasses the skills and ability to communicate to achieve what most people want.

I know, the appearance of your hair is such a big part of the way you look and feel. I will strive to give each person all my best. I'm confident that with my professional techniques and guidance you will look your best.


Katana Salon
620 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01890
Tel:  781.729.6767

The Studios at Katana Spa
618 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01890
Tel:  781.579.2665